Mark Stetler's life and career in photography span more than twenty years. Born in Cleveland, Stetler studied photography at the Art Institute of Atlanta where he earned a BA as well as top academic and best portfolio awards. Seeking to further his education he moved to New York in 1993 to attend NYU. While in New York he soon began assisting many of the worlds most respected photographers such as Mary Ellen Mark and Richard Avedon. Inspirational relationships with Avedon and others led to creative ventures of his own in landscape, portraiture and fashion, fields where he currently shoots for clients worldwide.

Stetler's fine art and portraiture work has gained recognition through the Kontinent Award Fine Art Project 2013, Graphis Gold Award Top 100 Photographers 2013 and 2014, PDN/Mamiya’s Emerging Photographer's Award and the publication of his images of September 11th shot from the rooftop of his studio near the World Trade Center. Numerous exhibitions of his work have followed.

Landscapes shot in and around Charleston, SC where Stetler currently resides have inspired a new body of work combining his affinity with nature with his fascination with the pinhole camera to create enigmatic images shot “without glass”.


My interest in photography began at a very early age. Long drives in the family auto led to countless mental photographs as the Midwestern landscape blurred by. While my modern photographic processes tend to capture small moments of time, the pinhole takes larger spans of time and extracts these moments into a single image. The pinhole camera can readily incorporate time and motion into this lengthy exposure provoking associations with memory, time, or dreams. The camera absent of a technical lens transfers the reality of these moments into a dynamic play of light and shadows. This relationship both chemical and physical presents itself in the changes of light and objects.

My interest in the ocean and the coastal environment seek to involve the viewer to restore our connections to the sea.

Mark Stetler Photography, Art for Charity. All limited edition images are available for sale with 25% of all online porfits donated to the American Red Cross.

Pricing is available for each image on this website. Custom sizes are available upon request. All images are printed in a series of ten. Once a series has sold out that image will no longer be sold or re-released.

Inquires regarding print purchase, licensing and the commission of special projects: mark@markstetler.org and info@markstetler.org.

Press/Additional Images: www.markstetler.net, www.behance.net/markstetler, and http://markstetler.tumblr.com/